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Mfg Item #: EP9



Papa G’s take on this gun

Get these NOW.  ATF is changing the rules on braces.  If you buy now you can register this gun as a SBR (short barrel rifle) and make any changes to it you want.  Add a brace, add an adjustable stock, add a scope, add a suppressor, add a forward grip!  You can register for FREE (and save the normal $200 tax stamp fee).  HURRY, this is only good for the next 120 days!

I have put these on sale, will sell out quickly.  I only have 3 in stock!

Product Description

The Extar EP9 is our vision of the perfect 9mm PDW pistol. We designed it to be extremely lightweight, safe, reliable, accurate, and soft shooting. We made it compatible with the most popular 9mm magazines then developed a Last Round Bolt Hold-Open and knew that we had something special.

The EP9 is made of a durable advanced engineering-grade polymers that provide a great texture, light weight, resistance to denting or bending, and doesn’t require the lubrication that metal components do.

Accepting Glock-style magazines, the EP9 sensibly uses the most common 9mm magazine. Included with the EP9 is one standard capacity Glock-style magazine. Use up to a 33 round Glock magazine of any model except for G26 and G43.

Our Extar recoil impulse damping system brings soft recoil to extremely lightweight pistols. This design uses special polymer materials; which mitigate bolt bounce, reduce felt recoil, and increase control.

The EP9 handguard provides M-LOK mounting slots on the three, six, and nine o’clock positions. Our handguard extends past the barrel and top rail to allow for a better forward grip while shooting. Our new muzzle device directs the blast forward, reducing concussion to the shooter.

Conveniently near the pistol grip, there is a standard Quick Disconnect point for slings. Connect a single-point or single-to double sling to the QD point for easy carry, while being right there to ready up.

Product Specifications

  • Glock type Magazine compatible
  • 9x19mm Caliber
  • 6.5" Barrel Length
  • Last round bolt hold open
  • Integral QD Point at the aft end of Lower Receiver
  • 1/2-28 Muzzle Thread
  • Weight 3.65lbs
  • Magazine Included

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